Society Of Children


Left to Right:


Lou St. John – Keyboards, Vocals

Rob Youngberg – Drums

Shah HadjebiVocals, Guitar, Bass

Mark CzujGuitar, Bass


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The above pictures were from a photoshoot for the Syracuse University “Daily Orange” newspaper.



LIVE AT THE JAB  - Saturday January 28,1984


“I think it was our very first club gig but not 100% sureShah 2016


On Saturday, January 28th, 1984, Society of Children opened for My Sin at the Jaberwocky on the campus of Syracuse University.  While, as Shah said, it may have been SOC’s first live gig, it was My Sin’s very last live gig.


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Ron Remschel – Engineering that evening

Recorded to Tascam 144 3&¾ ips cassette recorder from FOH mixing board’s Groups out – vocals left, instruments right.


All songs by Hadjebi/St. John except as noted.



1. Better Dead Than Alive

2. Exotica

3. Age Of Consent (Sumner, Hook, Morris, Gilbert)

4. Is It My?

5. Got The Time (Jackson)

6. Ordinary Week

7. One And One

8. Psycho Killer (Byrne, Frantz, Weymouth)

9. Missing Link

10. Fur Elise (Beethoven)

11. Love Is A Strange Word

12. (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone (Boyce, Hart)

13. Masochistic Pleasures (Are Killing Me) (cut off)



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“I was the lead singer/ guitar player for my original band Society of Children which formed in Syracuse, played there for 4 years and moved on to it's new homebase, Boston, MA. After several years moved to London England where we played in numerous clubs, travelled throughout Europe and returned to Boston in two years with a promise of a US tour and a record contract, Continued playing in Boston with moderate success, The band eventually broke up and I continued by writing music for several PBS documentaries, Independent films, off Broadway plays and played in many local bands including the very eclectic instrumental band named "Smorgasbord". Currently, I'm in the process of recording a full album, have finished many songs and need to choose the ones that will make it on it. I'll be taking the show on the road from July on to tighten things up and finalize these recordings. your comments are welcome.”  - Shah ~ 2006 from his “Broadjam” page-




“After Syracuse we headed to Washington DC, where our rented house got robbed right away and we had to leave! We landed in Boston and played between there and NYC for about two years then packed our bags as a trio, me, Rob and Dave Lurie (on bass) and headed to London. We lived there for another couple of years playing out every chance we got (clubs including Dingwalls which was the British equivalent of the JAB). We left for the US with the promise of a record contract by Reflex Records and a US tour that never materialized.  Played for a few more years in Boston and that was that for SOC!” – Shah, June 2016



Shah continues creating and is passionate about water coloring.  His work is available at




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